Thursday, June 7, 2012

Three Months

Time is a funny thing. 

It usually either feels sluggish, like tomorrow cannot come soon enough. Or it zips past you before you can even blink. I don't know which is worse because they both have their disadvantages.

Three months from today is my wedding day. 

My wedding day.

Wedding. Day. 

Obviously, I'm in a processing mood.. It hit me every so often today that in three months I will be joined to my best friend and love of my life forever. I will be making a promise that no matter what comes our way over the span of our lives together I will always remain his and he, mine. 

This blows my mind. All of it. The fact that I am already with the one I have always dreamed of. The fact that he feels the exact same way. The fact that we found each other in the first place. God's guidance has been so evident throughout our whole relationship that it is hard to doubt. 

I hope these next three months do not drag on, yet do not zoom past me either. I want to enjoy this time of my life while knowing that something even greater is around the corner. I need to let myself be fully in the present so that I may soak in everything around me. 

Perhaps next time I am around here, I will share some wedding plans and inspirations!


Dashing-Darling said...

aww this is a very touching post! i love it <3

Marlyn Pena said...

Such a sweet post! You two are such a lovely couple! Getting married is so exciting! Congrats to you two! and good luck with the wedding plans! Have fun! :)

I also wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a liebster award. :)