Tuesday, June 28, 2011


One of the movies that kept me company during my week-long strep recovery was Atonement. I have heard varied opinions about this movie, but I am one who absolutely loved it. It was dark and dramatic at times, yet also (somewhat) hopeful as well. I don't want to give away to much of the story if you haven't seen it, but I definitely recommend it. If you're in the mood to see some great wardrobe and styling, hear some dreamy accents, and watch a captivatingly heart wrenching story unfold, this is the movie for you!

If you have seen Atonement, what did you think? I honestly don't care for Kiera Knightley very much, but I adore World War II era movies and for some reason she's usually cast in them.. But anyway, I just had to share these beautiful stills from the movie. Enjoy!


Sarah (Blog Guidebook) Bradford said...

I actually liked the movie, though you're right, it is dark. I also read the book before I saw the movie so that might have made it more interesting. I might have to watch it again now!
Hope you're feeling better!

Em said...

kate! i hope you remember me haha... i cannot believe you are engaged that is amazing, congrats! im slowly coming back into the blogging scene and decided to revisit some of my favorite blogs. glad to see you are still blogging.


The Bebebirds said...

I have to agree with you, I'm not nuts about Keira Knightley, but I too love WWII movies and this one was indeed excellent. I read the book as well, and except for the ending it really kept the story well! It's a great and emotional film!


Beth Retro said...

Hello, I've just discovered your blog via Little Red Bowtalk :) <3
I loved this movie too, you have good taste!