Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Inspiration: Twinkle Lights

There is just something to be said for the whimsy and awe twinkle lights add to any occasion. When I see a string of them hung above a table, wrapped around a post, or those precious little bulbs floating from tree branches, my heart skips a beat. The warmth and intimacy it creates during a gathering is just undeniable. I want to capture this very feeling for my own wedding reception, and make it feel like we are celebrating under our very own twinkling stars. Wherever we end up having it, I just hope there will be something up above to string some lights on! I think that may be one of my top venue requirements.. :)



Tara Marie said...

Love the twisty table!!! I agree about the lights!

Laurene said...

The long twisty table looks cool, but in terms of tables I think round ones are better because it makes it easier to visit with people. But I do agree with stringing lights overhead (= There is something magical about it!

Laurene said...

I'm not sure if you'd like these, but I saw a bird version of these and thought they were cute. They're little paper cut-out place markers.
This is the one I originally saw:
And here's a post featuring some of the other ones this person does:
Just sharing some ideas ;)

Kate said...

Oh Lauren, those are cute! They also make anchor ones I see.. :)

Beth Retro said...

wow, i love those lights so much <3 i'm a big fan of lights!